Making your life easier so you can focus on your academics: Building future leaders for a better tomorrow.

Our community is our focus and we understand the importance of developing and nurturing our industry for our future policyholders. We believe that if we can uplift our youth through education and mentorship, then our tomorrow will be brighter than today.

FEM is committed to developing the skills of individuals who express an interest to study towards qualifications that will contribute to our sector i.e. Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment​ and the Faculty of Health Sciences​. Students must be performing well academically and should be in good financial standing with the University. The bursary is reserved for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds and who do not have the means to fund their own studies.

Bursary Criteria 
  • South African citizens only
  • All students must be in good financial standing with their university i.e. no outstanding fees from the previous academic years
  • Preference will be given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Combined household income must not exceed R 360 000,00 per annum
  • Students with a good academic record
  • Students who have been accepted to study at an approved institution or a South African public University
  • Students must have successfully completed their first year of study i.e. no first year or post graduate students will be considered

Required application documents 

  • A valid South African ID
  • Most recent official academic record
  • FEM bursary application form
  • Proof of income from your parents/guardians, e.g. payslips
  • Social grant documentation
  • Affidavit if any parent or guardian is unemployed or does not financially support you
  • Death certificate of parent(s), if applicable
  • Divorce certificate of parent(s), if applicable

 FEM bursary benefits 

  • Full time tuition
  • Prescribed textbooks
  • Monthly stipend
  • Accommodation*
  • Meals*

*Accommodation and meals – approval will be determined solely at the discretion of FEM.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I'd like to study at a private institution. Do I qualify for a bursary? 
A: Yes, only at a FEM approved institution and at a South African public university.

Q: I've already completed a university qualification but would like to enrol for a second one. Would I qualify for the bursary? 
A: No, we aim to help as many people as possible, so you only qualify for your first undergraduate degree or diploma.   

Q: I already have a partial bursary from another organisation. Can I apply for the bursary to cover the rest? 
A: No, the FEM bursary is comprehensive, no dual funding will be permitted.

Q: If I owe money to a university, will the FEM bursary help with that debt? 
A: Students must be good financial standing with the university. Fees from the previous academic years will not be covered.

Q: Do I have to repay FEM for the bursary? 
A: No, it is a non-reimbursable loan. The bursary is renewable annually subject to the successful completion of registered modules, participation and completion of community service and at FEM's discretion.

Q: Will I have to work for FEM after I graduate? 
A: No, after successful completion of studies, the graduate is free to pursue employment elsewhere. 

Perks & Benefits

Monthly Stipend
Monthly Food Allowance
Laptop at FEM's discretion
Accommodation at FEM's discretion
Full tuition and registration
Textbooks and Stationery

What Our People Say

Prasheen Dehda- 2018
UJ Bursary student
"FEM was the light at the end of the tunnel. Through generosity, compassion and passion. FEM proved that they had our best interest at heart. I am a qualified Electrical and Electronic Engineer who graduated with distinctions in more than 30 modules."
Thenga Tahulela - 2013
UJ Bursary student
"I did not let my disadvantaged background dictate my future. Through FEM’s assistance I am now an Engineer. Currently, I am a part of building roads for the country and have inspired my peers to reach for their dreams."
Peter Mashai - 2010
UJ Bursary student
"My educational pursuits would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the generous support I received. FEM made my dream accessible and shaped my career. I pay it forward by mentoring other students. I aspire to become a Commercial Specialist."

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